Saturday, December 18, 2010

Meaning of "Architect"

I continue to read articles and hear advertisements for people to be "architects" of this or that. When the AIA hears someone that is in the field that is not a registered architect, they will prosecute. When is it alright to co-op a professions' title continually? If I continued to call myself a "space-doctor", I imagine that at some point the AMA would chase after me. I have worked to become an architect, in the classical term, for years at school, finish exams, and intern. It is a compliment and insult that the title is used by so many others. Obviously other professions aspire to our level of work, but don't care to leave their names alone. I shall work on creating a new interpretation of "architect" using other trades' titles! Suggestions?

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Early December Update

Good News, two projects have signed on in the last two weeks! Additions and small business are the wave of 2010, and I believe for a few years. Pictures have been taken of some recent work and that will be added to the website soon. Unfortunately, I have mismanaged the facebook portion of BHA's online presence and have to figure out a resolution. Seasons Greetings and more updates soon!